Python 3.10 match statement; Setting up docker + database; Reading deep learning

Date: Monday, October 11th @ 7pm

- pattern matching in python 3.10: switch statement on steroids!
- setting up Docker + database.
- deep learning approaches to assess image quality.
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We'll start at 7pm sharp with the exciting new "structural pattern matching" feature in the just-released python 3.10, in which python transcends the traditional switch statement.

Then after introductions:

- the first installment in our "Where the rubber meets the road" series on packaging and deployment: a tour of some SQLAlchemy basics, and demo how to setup a project with a database in Docker.

- another first installment, "Deep reading", in which we tour academic papers on deep learning and apply their techniques. Tonight we explore "stochastic embedding robustness" and "error-reject curves" to assess face image quality (the paper is by Terhorst et al on SER-FIQ).

And you're cordially invited to update us on your project/idea/question when you introduce yourself, or to just sit back and enjoy the python!

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Future meeting topics:
more on Pandas: data visualization
and ongoing series:
"Demysti-py" looks at how familiar constructs are implemented.
"Pythonic pitfalls" explores bad practices to better understand python.
"Where the rubber meets the road" tackles packaging and deployment.
"Deep reading" explores and applies academic articles on deep learning (idea shamelessly copied from the Fubar Labs AIStudyGroup--thx Rick!)