From Content to Coding; DataFrame.loc in pandas

Date: Monday, January 10th @ 7pm

From Content to Coding; DataFrame.loc in pandas

- practice talk: From Content to Coding: Discover the Power Tool Embedded in your Browser
- Pythonic Pitfalls: DataFrame.loc in pandas

We'll start at 7pm sharp with an installment of our Pythonic Pitfalls series, exploring common beginner errors using DataFrame.loc in pandas.
Then after introductions, John will give a practice talk intended to be given to the general public, hopefully cosponsored with local public libraries, to expand our membership:
From Content to Coding: Discover the Power Tool Embedded in your Browser
We assume zero knowledge of web technologies and take a whirlwind tour from html through css into javascript, all without leaving the browser, and all based on the "devtools" interface embedded in all major browsers.
The aim is not to teach, but to spark interest, introduce some basic concepts and a really cool tool, and link to further info.
Only the most hard-core back-end developer would learn anything from this very introductory front-end talk, but we ask you to imagine yourself giving this talk at your local library, and help with suggestions on how to improve it.
This talk is part of a planned series of talks for complete beginners; unlike this one, the rest will focus on python.
And as always you're invited to update us on your project/idea/question when you introduce yourself, or to just sit back and enjoy the code!

Future meetings will include:
- data visualization in Pandas
- crash course in deep learning
- learn python from scratch

Plus our ongoing series:
- Auto-mania explores automated transformation of source code.
- Demysti-py looks at how familiar constructs are implemented.
- Pythonic pitfalls: error fu deepens your understanding of fundamentals.
- Deep reading explores and applies academic articles on deep learning.
- New tool roundup by our resident code hound keeps you updated.

Post-meeting notes

6 attendees
    mikeH markD johnS tomiT bruceW dipali
mike and mark organically started w detailed updates, so we [again!] skipped the planned opening on pandas DataFrame.loc errors 
    demo'd nodejs to render scraped financial data of two companies sidebyside
    co2 sensor interface: fastapp htmx sqla async
    used seleniumbase due to limited twitter api for acad papers and bks
        dunno how these guys dont get shut down
    dipali>vscode trouble
        <tomi: knows pycharm, reluctant to try vscode despite wkg with an evangelist.
        <john: scp/sftp extension causes file sync issues; ssh extension promises not to; but i cant figure out the git interface
        >dipali: i just go back to the cmdline  
        * >maybe invite a vscode expert
    tomi>devops troubles took a day of container rebuilding eg cuz missing initpy file; wkd fine locally.
        <john: is there a tool that is like make for container rebuilding?
        <john: can u make ur local env 'dumber' to better mimic the prod env?  
john outlined talk "from content to coding" introducing browser devtools for non-technical audience
    playwright is like SeleniumBase
    can use colorpicker to simplify finding the color
    can drag devtools tabs to desired order
    make a git repo for the talk
    devr edition of firefox
    curiosity as an intrinsic disposition; along with enjoying frustration!
    [after mark's idea] browsers just render text
    that co2 sensor, once set up [esp8266, soldering, etc], is a v simple environment for learning to code
        would be nice for everyone to have something like that.
    <john: the ultimately accessible sensors are in our phones--is there an app that gives an api to smartphone sensors?
    build copy of an existing page incrementally, showing how we approximate the goal ever more closely
        actually demos it tho w a university login page that wudnt be ideal cuz cant make that work.
    could show how to use devtools to solve a problem, like page not loading.
        <wow that cud be an entire talk, troubleshooting with devtools; would appeal to my fatherinlaw, who alw wants the shop manual for anything, incl computer!
    princetonPubLib has courses for kids of a couple age groups.
    * who teaches python there?
    <john: i dont aim to teach, but to spark and maybe motivate the slog thru courses
    dipali: maybe invite a vscode expert
    bruce: who teaches python at princetonPubLib?
    seek: app that streams data from smartphone sensors
        [found only android apps!]
            2020 used in
        uses Matlab mobile