Princeton Python User Group

htmx/hyperscript; pandas DataFrame.loc

Date: Monday, February 14th @ 7pm

htmx/hyperscript; pandas DataFrame.loc

- htmx and hyperscript
- DIY codepen
- Pythonic Pitfalls: DataFrame.loc in pandas

- The meeting opens at 7pm with with an installment of our Pythonic Pitfalls series: a simple rule helps us remember the DataFrame.loc api.
- Mike will demo his use of htmx and its companion scripting language, hyperscript, for the login to his air sensor site.
- John made progress on presenting last month's html+css+javascript codepen-like windows with greater control and transparency than codepen allows.
- Tax season is coming, so John will report status [now processing 9 of the 12 forms referenced by the 1040]. 
- But any of this can be upstaged by your questions, project, or idea!
- Meeting is virtual here

sister groups:
At the AI Study Group at Fubar Labs this Sunday at 2pm, Jenny Shane will discuss the math behind neural networks.

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