Assorted links

Date: Monday, November 14th @ 7pm

November news, links, and events!

Check out our upgraded home page, for which Mike noticed some SEO progress--thanks Mike for all the website work!
And Mark wrapped up five consecutive Tuesdays of coding presentations at PrincetonPublicLibrary, a big boost in our visibility!  
Mike will present the codingForEveryone [8] talk on December 5 [see events below].  Tell your non-technical friends near Clinton NJ!  [along Rt 78]
The [1] incoming [2] links [3] from [4] libraries [5] should [6] continue to improve our SEO status over time.

links for 14nov meeting
Our still-gathering November links [7] defy categorization, but include the newly-released Python 3.11 and upcoming 3.12, and some under-the-hood looks at http, linux dynamic libraries, and even print("Hello World")

next meeting: Monday 14nov 7pm online at 
next codingForEveryone [8] talk: Monday 05dec 7pm at at Hunterdon County Library [9] in Clinton NJ.  Register here: [6]