April nugget and updates

Date: Monday, April 12th @ 7pm

We share updates on our software projects, propose new projects, ask questions, or just listen to the discussion, starting with our novice nugget at 7pm sharp: using splat [the * or unpack operator] to restore function expressiveness that was lost in the transition to python 3.
Then we all introduce ourselves and offer topics to discuss.
Updates offered so far for this month are:
- grid layout and callbacks in tkinter
- seaborn, numpy and statsmodels
- publishing a new package with Poetry
- write some tests for our website
- using opencv and pytesseract to scan IRS W2 forms
- making, and disabling, a revealjs slideshow generated by jupyterlab
- anomalous trends in covid death data
- and _your_ update/idea/question is welcome!
All topics open source are welcome (Princeton and Python just alliterate irresistibly :)