Meeting agenda & updates

- Visualize machine learning with Streamlit and Mapbox!
- first installment of our new series, Future of Coding: Automate refactorings with LibCST
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We'll start at 7pm sharp with our new "Future of Coding" series: Automate refactorings with LibCST [and why this is a glimpse of our future].
Then after introductions:
Easy Machine Learning Visualization with Streamlit and MapBox
Presented by Tomi Tyrrell, member of Princeton Python Users.
Tomi will show how to:
    - create GUIs for your machine learning models in minutes
    - create stunning, interactive maps from pandas Dataframes and lat/long values
Tomi will give an overview of Streamlit, live code a GUI for a machine learning model, and then demo her latest interactive Streamlit+MapBox project.
And you're cordially invited to update us on your project/idea/question when you introduce yourself, or to just sit back and enjoy the python!

Future meetings will include:
- data visualization in Pandas
- crash course in deep learning
- learn python from scratch
- Embrace error: how error foo can advance your coding, and beyond!

Plus installments of our ongoing series:
"Future of Coding" explores automated transformation of source code.
"Demysti-py" looks at how familiar constructs are implemented.
"Pythonic pitfalls" improves both your code and your fundamentals.
"Deep reading" explores and applies academic articles on deep learning.
"New tool roundup" by our resident code hound keeps you updated.