June links and updates on htmx and front-end concepts

Mike's air sensor site using htmx and sqlalchemy now has graphs and a merged hyperscript PR. John is weaving an ever richer web of concepts into his intro-to-front-end-coding video.

What are you up to? Join us to share a project, ask a question, or just listen and watch.

We meet on Monday, June 13 at 7pm, online.


Future meetings will include:
- data visualization in Pandas
- crash course in deep learning
- learn python from scratch

And more in our ongoing series:
- Auto-mania explores automated transformation of source code.
- Demysti-py looks at how familiar constructs are implemented.
- Pythonic pitfalls: error fu deepens your understanding of fundamentals.
- Deep reading explores and applies academic articles on deep learning.
- New tool roundup by our resident code hound keeps you updated.