World premiere of Coding for everyone, links & updates

Date: Monday, October 10th @ 7pm

October: Our front-end talk! Plus links and updates

[now with link to world premiere--sorry for repetition!]

In the world-premiere of our front-end talk, Mark will present at the Princeton Public Library this Tuesday Oct 4 at 7pm.  See below for details.  It's really not for technical folks unless you're interested in giving the talk at your local library or school.  The talk is designed for folks who have no clue about coding and are curious about it.  It is heavily based on the devtools interface embedded in all the major browsers.

And as usual, we'll discuss this month's links, collecting here and including Why Discord is switching from Go to Rust.

But if you'll share with us your question/idea/project, we'd love to talk about it!

Join us Monday, Oct 10 at 7pm online 

And note that our sister group, the AIStudyGroup at FubarLabs, will meet virtually on Sunday, Oct 2 at 2pm!


Tell your nontechnical friends, neighbors, even parents!

Coding for everyone: a practical deep-dive into the modern web page
Discover the coding power-tool hidden in your computer's web browser.  A demo loaded with practical tips and critical concepts.
See how to tweak web pages. Learn about software design.  Find out if the coding craze is for you--or just see what all the fuss is about!
Boring details: presents very basic HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, leveraging a built-in browser tool to modify a webpage.
For high school through retirement.
Dont want to learn to code but are curious?  Might want to learn but aren't sure?
Wondering what coding looks like, or what kind of person does it? 
Thinking that some understanding is important for citizens in the digital age?
Then check out this talk!